Thursday, March 8, 2018

March Goals & Stripes

Happy March, Dolls! I am so excited to have a new month to set and achieve goals. After two months of a trial runs, I am officially ready to start my 2018! I have spent lots of time researching tips and tricks on hobbies that I have taken interest in which is why this post is so late. There is a new passion in my heart for new or overlooked hobbies.

With the new month, I have written my goals in this post to be held accountable [ and for more ideas ]

| Spiritual
Scripture study daily
Attend the Temple twice

| Physical |
CrossFit three times a week
Spend every freaking second with BR when he gets home [ i'm lowkey crazy ] 

| Mental |
Meditate/yoga twice a week
Work on my German twice a week

What goals did you set for March? Business goals, personal anything? How do you achieve your goals?

| Side note
That's all my real hair! I have been working extra hard trying to grow and restore my lost hair. I usually wear my extensions, but this picture is all mine. I look crazy in the photo, but my hair looks so long! AND, I'm on the lookout for a pair of white Keds. My dresses would look so much nicer with Keds instead of Converse.

Coat [ similar ] | Dress [ similar ]